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Launching Soon!
~ASi Perfection Server Series "The Absolute Best World Reference Audio Music/Ripping Servers"
~Fully modded/tweaked out Netgear Nighthawk and TP Link Archer C7 Wi-Fi routers!
~Fully modded/tweaked out Motorola MB8600 Modem

~We make the absolute best performing-most optimized-tweaked out custom hand made silver
Speaker cables, RCA & XLR cables & AC power cords for the money, bar none! Very low prices
compared to the rest of the industry but better performance than anything out there! Easily beats
$1000+ cables, stop waisting your money on overpriced mainstream garbage! Once you try our
incredible custom hand made super tweaked out wiring, you will want to sell everything you own to
"cash out" & never think about buying "cables or cords" ever again!  Info and pics coming soon, but
we are building them currently, please email for pricing/info.

~Tons of new mods (too much to list here) coming soon for many newer Blu-Ray players and music
streamers/dac's (please email for more info or anything specific).

~New 2020 mod/part update revisions for Oppo 105/205, Behringer DCX2496 among many others.

~Also new rebuild mods/upgrades for ALL music servers on the market

~New optimized mod part updates/designs for 2020, pushing the sonic envelope more than ever.

~ASi No Limits World Reference System page coming soon with pictures and info. Our
unconventional, priceless, one-off, world-wide world-class reference audio system is completely out
of this world sounding as we have not heard or experienced anything remotely close to this, no
matter the price! We have over 1500 man hours into this most tweaked out audio system in the
world.  This is our ultimate reference test tool system optimized for progressing the performance of
100% digital audio playback (optimally ripped/tweaked files that no one else knows how to create...)
over anyone else in the entire world!

                          PLEASE CALL/TEXT OR
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